SEE ALL OPEN SIGHT: Say goodbye to optic batteries


As I’ve written several times before, an optic is one of the fastest and easiest additions to your airsoft replica that can have a real, noticeable impact on your shooting performance. Most of our shooting in this sport is snap shooting; rapidly bringing your rifle to …

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3D PRINTING & AIRSOFT: The future, or just a passing fad?

3D Printing & Aisoft main

  3D printing is a relatively new technology and has been making changes to many industries, including real firearms. The ability to quickly design and print either a finished product or a prototype for a mass produced item means that innovation can come fast and often. …

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Congratulations on getting your new GoPro, now you’re all ready to capture some epic game footage and post it up on YouTube for the world to see. So it’s just power up, hit the record button and go, right? Wrong. You may want to rethink that strategy since …

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Interview with SLENDER AIRSOFT


After going back and forth for a few months we finally had time to track down some of the members of Slender Airsoft and learn more about the team. Airsoft Insider: So who is Slender Airsoft? CRY$IS/Slender Airsoft: Slender Airsoft is a competitive airsoft team based …

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Classic Army USA Tactical AK Review

Classic Army USA AK Main

Capable of running on batteries or AK purists’ tears  With their ongoing development of new gearbox setups, MOSFETs on all of their guns, and even standalone models not based on any existing “real” firearm, Classic Army continues to surprise even grizzled old timers like myself. BREAKDOWN …

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NEW Microphones for Motorola XPR Turbo Radios!

New Code RED Headsets Main

Code Red Headsets has several new microphones compatible with these Motorola radio models: MOTOTRBO radio XPR3000, XPR3300 and XRP3500 series and Tetra MTP3250 radio. Code Red Headsets releases new microphones for Motorola XPR Turbo Radio Investigator-M12 2-Wire microphone with a clear tube earpiece. Low profile microphone with …

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Operation Liberty Canyon Indian Country: Vietnam Airsoft

Vietnam Airsoft Main

Prepping for any large game, OP or Milsim event requires proper planning and sourcing of gear and other materials. For some games it’s easier than others. For a select group of players the latest gear isn’t what they are interested in. Fictional wars don’t necessarily appeal to this group. …

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Pew Pew Travel Time: Your Guide to Navigating U.S. & Canadian Airsoft Landscapes

Pew Pew Travel Time Main

One of the most common questions asked of me is, “How do I travel with my Airsoft equipment?” To be honest, that question covers much broader scope than it first implies, so this article will serve to cover the most important equipment and travel considerations. I’m going to cover …

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Know Your Gearbox: A closer look at the standard M4 V2 gearbox

Know Your Gearbox Main

Look at any Facebook group with a discussion of airsoft tech info and you will be overwhelmed with a tidal wave of information, some good, some marginal and some things that should be banished from the internet. If you are new to airsoft and more particularly how the …

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A next generation tracer unit for the new generation of airsoft Tracer units are pretty much an essential accessory for night games, and the days of having only one option on the market are long over. To keep up with the demands of players, companies need …

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MSATO OP Defcon: Meltdown

Defcon Event.indd

Earlier in 2015, MSATO MilSim put together the first airsoft event held at a nuclear power plant in the US. Tom, aka “Crossfire”, who created MSATO has a special knack for finding one-of-a-kind AOs in the northeastern US. This was no exception. When we received word that he would be doing another …

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Lightweight AEG Race Rifle Part V


Check out part IV of this How-To series here if you haven’t already. Airsoft is much more than just MilSim and one of the fastest rising branches of the sport is competitive timed shooting events. 29With the lower receiver pretty much wrapped up, it’s time to finish up the upper. As …

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Lightweight AEG Race Rifle Part IV


Check out part 3 of this How-To series here if you haven’t already. Airsoft is much more than just MilSim and one of the fastest rising branches of the sport is competitive timed shooting events. 22Now it’s time to put the gun back together. Reassemble the components of the receivers in …

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Umarex USA Sponsors BuckVentures: The Woodsman

Umarex Logo

Umarex USA announces it’s sponsorship of BuckVentures: The Woodsman television and web entertainment outlets. BuckVentures is a hardworking team that focuses on family, friends, and faith. Jeff Danker, along with his daughters Jaylee and Gracie Danker, Buddy Groom, and Daniel McVay are fair-chase hunters specializing in growing huge, …

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Lightweight AEG Race Rifle Part III


Check out Part II of this How-To series here if you haven’t already. Airsoft is much more than just MilSim and one of the fastest rising branches of the sport is competitive timed shooting events. 15A fancy internal trigger system is great, but a new actual trigger unit can give you a world of …

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