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Heckler & Koch HK417 AEG

Elegance. Grace. Precision stopping power. That last one only works if the other guy calls his hit. The Elite Force HK417 AEG has all those ingredients and more. A favorite among favorites in my collection, this rifle brings me equally great joy both to review and to take out on the field. Easily considered an integral part of Elite Force’s flagship Heckler & Koch line of high-quality airsoft products, the Heckler & Koch HK417 is a head-turner.

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Ares Generation 3 M4 AEG

Review: Ares Generation 3 M4 AEG

The M4 is one of the most common airsoft platforms seen on the field, and it's getting quite rare to see one come out that actually brings something new to the table. The 3rd Generation Ares M4 does indeed bring something new to the table in the form of its unique electronic trigger system, allowing this gun to be programmed to fire in several different modes. It has a few other tricks up its proverbial sleeves, including a functional bolt catch, precise rotary type hop-up and a quick-change spring system, all designed to help the serious player be more competitive on the field.

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PTS AAC Scar-H SD 7.62 Mock Silencer

Review: PTS AAC Scar-H SD 7.62 Mock Silencer

A Silence More Eloquent Than Words Every now and then, I become fixated on something. Usually something material in nature, I come across certain “things” that I find myself obsessing over until I figure out a way to make that thing mine. The PTS AAC SCAR-H …

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VFC Smith & Wesson M&P 9C

Review: VFC Smith & Wesson M&P 9C

Full-Auto Firepower in the Palm of Your Hand! Smith & Wesson has recently started a surge into the airsoft market, and they are partnering up with A-list airsoft manufacturers to put together some truly awesome products for serious airsoft players. The M&P 9C is a prime …

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