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Know Your Gearbox: A closer look at the standard M4 V2 gearbox

Know Your Gearbox Main

Look at any Facebook group with a discussion of airsoft tech info and you will be overwhelmed with a tidal wave of information, some good, some marginal and some things that should be banished from the internet. If you are new to airsoft and more particularly how the …

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A next generation tracer unit for the new generation of airsoft Tracer units are pretty much an essential accessory for night games, and the days of having only one option on the market are long over. To keep up with the demands of players, companies need …

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MSATO OP Defcon: Meltdown

Defcon Event.indd

Earlier in 2015, MSATO MilSim put together the first airsoft event held at a nuclear power plant in the US. Tom, aka “Crossfire”, who created MSATO has a special knack for finding one-of-a-kind AOs in the northeastern US. This was no exception. When we received word that he would be doing another …

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Lightweight AEG Race Rifle Part V


Check out part IV of this How-To series here if you haven’t already. Airsoft is much more than just MilSim and one of the fastest rising branches of the sport is competitive timed shooting events. 29With the lower receiver pretty much wrapped up, it’s time to finish up the upper. As …

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