Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Airsoft Swag – Get your Airsoft Insider T-Shirts

What better way to let the world know you’re a true Airsoft junkie than to sport one of the finest garments on the market today…an Airsoft Insider T-Shirt! These 100% cotton, pre-shrunk off-the-field jersey’s are available in either Olive Drab or Tan and in three sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large.

Wear it under your field gear. Sport it at your kids soccer events. Play video games in it or let your girlfriend sleep in it. It really doesn’t matter…just click on over and order yours today!

Click here to get your Airsoft Insider T-shirts today!
Airsoft Insider T-Shirt - Tan
Airsoft Insider T-Shirt - Olive Drab


  1. After reading through your first magazine, which I enjoyed, I hope you guy’s don’t focus totally on mil/Sim. There are a lot of us older men that like to use air soft guns for target practice. I enjoyed the article on the lever action rifle. I can see myself picking up that gun shortly. Us older guy’s have some extra money so we can afford to purchase several guns. I personally own over 10 quality rifles and pistols. So please don’t forget about us civilians! Thanks for a great mag! Kevin Finley.

  2. just now got back home from working over seas and my wife who has been keeping me up to date on my airsoft sport had told me that there was a mag out so i just ordered my very first subsciption and now i would love to have a t-shirt from you guys but do to some unfortuned things i have lost all my airsoft guns and gear to a house fire and im now liveing at my parents home with my entire family and have some major medical bills but i just wanted to say that i and the rest of the family are huge suppoters of this sport . i hope that i can get back into this sport again soon yuor friend bradley rood keep up the great work again thanks guys

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