Saturday, November 18, 2017
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ASG ASW338LM Sniper Rifle by VFC

ASG’s new VFC manufactured sniper rifle is hitting stores soon, and it is an absolutely gorgeous piece of equipment!



The ASW338LM is a modern sniper rifle platform which is customizable in multiple ways to fit shooters of any size.



The stock is adjustable for length, cheek height, and has a folding monopod for shooting stability. It folds to the side and can be easily removed for storage and transportation.



Even the finger distance to the trigger can be tweaked to fit the individual shooter. This gun isn’t cheap, with estimated pricing around $800, but it looks to be a very well built sniper platform.

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  1. The rifle itself is very well built, I have one up here in Canada already, its the asia version, I don’t know if there are any changes from the one you guys are going to get, unfortunately for me, the only gripe I have with it comes with the loading fin, mine is plastic and broke on me very quickly.

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