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Colt 1911 Rail Gun Build Pt. 3 – Compensating for Something

So far on the Colt 1911 Rail Gun build, we’ve modified some real-steel 1911 grips to fit onto this CO2 powered replica. Unfortunately, we ran into a bit of a snag with the Madbull compensator, so let’s bust out the tools to get that fixed. 

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This compensator is designed for WE style 1911s, and as such, has some slight fitment issues with this model. The recoil spring plug is slightly too wide as well as a millimeter too high to properly lock in place, so we’ll need to use a dremel tool to bore that hole up a little bit.


A dremel bit makes quick work of the hole. After test fitting it, it’s clear that we needed to sand a bit of the recoil spring plug itself to clear the alignment lug on the compensator.


This is where the plan went off the rails. As mentioned before, the plan was to sandblast the frame, slide, and compensator, but I was unhappy to discover that my air compressor was no longer functioning. The plan then changed to painting the black components to match the finish of the slide as best as possible. Truth be told, I’m not 100% in love with the color of this gun now, so we’ll be revisiting this gun and refinishing it soon.


This is where the difference between this gun and the WE 1911 this compensator is designed for is apparent. Things just don’t line up perfectly. I may end up milling and machining things down a bit to make it look perfect, or I may learn to live with the gun’s imperfections.


With the compensator installed, the slide components are completed. Now to tackle the frame.


Cybergun put together a pretty easy to disassemble pistol, even when breaking it down to tiny little pieces. Unscrew this screw to start getting the firing unit out.


Tap out this pin to remove the mainspring housing. This piece might pop out when you tap it free, so keep an eye on it. Note the way the sear spring is installed when you take it out as well.


Pop the safety switch off of the left side, and then rotate the right sided safety switch to clear that pin above it. You can then pop out the safety switch, which will free the grip safety.

Tomorrow will be our final build installment on the Colt 1911 Rail Gun, so come back to see how we installed the custom flat faced trigger and changed the color!

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