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Haley Strategic Partner’s D3 Chest Rig

Exactly What You Need Without the Extra Bulk

Review: Haley Strategic Partner’s D3 Chest Rig

Words By: Eric Fine
Photos: Cece Fine and Walter Sidas

Finding the right rig setup can be one of the more difficult things to do in the hobby. With vast options coming from all over the world in every shape, size, color or pattern, the options seem limitless. This rig is for the player that needs mobility, needs to be in the action and has to have the battle basics.

PRODUCT: D3 Chest Rig
MOLLE COMPATIBLE: Chest Rig has sewn-on pockets and can be attached to a plate carrier via Swift Clips (sold separately)
MATERIAL/PATTERN: D3 Chest Rig is made out of 500D Cordura. The colors available are Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Kryptek Typhoon, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Mandrake and Kryptek Nomad
OVERALL CONSTRUCTION: 500D Cordura Construction, two shoulder straps and a waist strap
CAPABILITIES: Four rifle magazines that fit M4, M16 and AK. Two pistol magazines will fit both single- and double-stack magazines and two GP pouches and one STUFFIT Pouch
HOW MUCH: $170.00

REVIEWERS OPINION: This is one of my favorite chest rig systems. It offers exactly what you need without any extra bulk.

Star rating (1-5) = 4.0

Review: Haley Strategic Partner’s D3 Chest Rig

+ Lighweight
+ Low-profile design
+ New Kryptek patterns available

– Not MOLLE – cannot readjust or change pouches

When I first received the D3 and was inspecting it as I do with most of my rigs, I noticed how light it really was. It’s made from 500D Cordura materiel instead of the 1000D, which drops the weight significantly and adds to the flexibility of the rig. As with many chest rigs, the pouches are all sewn in place, but as Haley Strategic says, it has the “fighting loadout” needs. The overall profile is also very small, giving you maximum movement.

There are four magazine pouches located in the back row closest to your body that will fit M4/M16 or AK magazines. My Pmags, Emags and KWA Magazines fit perfectly into these pouches. The tabs that hold the bungees are also really nice and are made from Hypalon, which has a very thick and tacky feeling when you grab it. These tabs worked great with or without gloves. They can also be removed at the end-users discretion, although I do not recommend it.

Review: Haley Strategic Partner’s D3 Chest Rig

The pistol pouches fit both single- and double-stock magazines. The pouches contain rare-earth magnets that allow them to compress when a single stack is in the pouch. If you are not running a pistol, the pouches fit multi-tools. For me, I am running my two ATP magazines and they held quite well. Located just off-center and on the front of the chest rig makes them easy to access for both left- and right-handed shooters.

Next, are the two GP (general purpose) pouches on the sides. These pouches are perfect for holding anything you want, such as a small med kit, a small package of BBs, your dead rag, a map or a radio. I am a fan of adding a small med kit to one of the GPs and my radio in the other. As stated, they are general-purpose and the Velcro closures allow you to fit whatever is needed for your specific mission.

Finally, you have a STUFFIT pouch. This is a small open-top GP pouch that has a shock-cord adjustment to fit anything you need. For me, it works great to hold a M203 round or a map and I have also used it to hold my dead rag. The uses are limitless and this is one of the coolest features that I have seen on a chest rig.

Review: Haley Strategic Partner’s D3 Chest Rig

I ran this setup for several training sessions and it worked great. The D3 can be run in a low-profile setup or as part of a plate carrier configuration. Running it as a standalone chest rig works extremely well when your game or training sessions are going to have a break, or if you need to refill while out on the field. Because it is a standalone rig, you will need to bring another bag to hold your hydration bladder or to keep water with you. I like to use it in conjunction with a small backpack bladder system or canteen pouch on hot days so that the heat is not trapped in by the plate carrier.

If you are looking for a chest rig that can be used in many different game environments, then look no further than the D3 from Haley Strategic Partners. The rig is a great standalone product or will work great with a plate carrier. With many color and pattern options available, it should tend to all of your needs. I would feel very comfortable recommending this to just about anyone that can afford it.

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