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KJW Sig Sauer P229

Full Metal Blowback Will Blow Your Opponent Away

Review: KJW Sig Sauer P229

Words: Erick Royer
Photos: Walter Sidas

One of my favorite aspects of airsoft firearms is the level of detail that goes into recreating the authentic look and feel of the original guns they are modeled after. In the case of the P229, I have owned a real Sig Sauer P229 in a 9mm caliber for several years; it is one of my favorite handguns next to my custom Ruger Mark III competition target pistol. The real P229 comes in 9mm, .357, and .40 S&W calibers and is one of the most popular pistols in the Sig Sauer line. Next to the Glock, the P229 is one of the most popular handguns carried by law enforcement throughout the country and its compact size makes it ideal for concealed carry.

Review: KJW Sig Sauer P229

GUN NAME: SIG Sauer P229
CLASS: Gas Blowback (GBB)
TYPE: Pistol
WHO IT’S FOR: Mid-level gamer
HOW MUCH: $144.99 (average)
FPS: 288 w/.20g BBs

+ Solid metal construction
+ Durable black finish
+ Green gas power
+ Railed lower for lights
+ Very realistic, solid-feeling blowback system
+ Front and rear night sights

– Heavy for its size
– No safety

The P229 is a great performing and very accurate and authentic weapon. It’s a great full-metal pistol that fires hard accurately right from the box with a solid blowback function. It shoots with a high FPS and has a very good trigger response. It is hands-down one of the nicest airsoft handguns that I have shot.

Review: KJW Sig Sauer P229

SLIDE: Full Metal Black Finish
FRAME: Full Metal Black Finish
HAMMER: Internal hammer
SLIDE RELEASE: Standard left side only
GRIPS: Plastic Rear Stippling
MUZZLE: 23 Round Green Gas
MAGWELL: Standard

TRIGGER: Non Adjustable Race Style Trigger
BARREL: Standard Brass
HOP-UP: Adjustable
.20g- 288 FPS
.12g- 335 FPS
ITEMS USED: Elite Force .20g BB’s

Review: KJW Sig Sauer P229

Since I fall into the “I can’t live without my Sig” fan base, I was eager to review the KJW officially-licensed Sig Sauer P229 full metal gas blowback pistol. When I took it out of the box, if I closed my eyes, I would have thought I was holding my 9mm. Having shot many different airsoft pistols, the P229 is one of the hardest hitting and most realistic ones I have ever shot. The gun comes with full Sig Sauer trademarks.

Upon close inspection, the build quality is excellent on this pistol, from the ergonomic and very comfortable grip right down to the hard metallic-sounding blowback which is precision crafted and tuned to be very realistic while delivering tons of power and accuracy. So let’s take a closer look at the P229.

FRAME/SLIDE—The KJW SIG Sauer P229 has a full-metal frame and slide with a beautiful and durable flat black finish. You can rest easy knowing this gun will hold up to all the abuse you can throw at it in the field. The authentic laser etched markings with sequential serial number adorn the slide and frame. The P229 has all the same controls as the real 9mm, including a functioning slide catch, de-cocker and mag release. The slide catch is large enough to be easy to use even with gloves on. It has a set of high visibility three-dot sights for easy target acquisition. The lower frame has an integrated 20mm, 3-slot rail for attachments and accessories; perfect for tactical lights and lasers. The ability to add a light or laser to your P229 is great for indoor or night games.

Review: KJW Sig Sauer P229

INTERNALS—The hop-up on this gun works very well, giving you the added distance needed for longer range targets. The unfortunate part about it is the location, which requires you to take the slide off the frame in order to adjust rather than simply using an adjustment key. However, it is still easy enough to pull the slide back a bit and slide the catch out in order to separate the two pieces. The barrel on the gun is a standard brass 6.08mm smooth barrel that will offer consistent firing.

TRIGGER/GRIP—The trigger and hammer are both solid metal and feel just like the real gun. Because I have large hands, I like the trigger pull on this gun as it is not too sensitive. Players wearing gloves will appreciate the room between the trigger and guard. The double action mechanics add to the authentic realism of the gun. There is no safety on the P229. The de-cocking lever serves as a safety to take the hammer out of firing position, but it still is not a full-on safety setup.

MAGAZINE—The drop-free 23-round magazine loads up quickly with the included speed loader. The weight of the mag combined with the precision design of the gun allows it to drop quickly when the release is hit so you can quickly reload a new one. The green gas is fed into the bottom of the mag to power the gun with enough capacity to exceed the 23 rounds. The first round shot out with as much power as the 23rd round. The overall empty weight of the mag is around 9.1 ounces, so keep this in mind when you decide to carry several spares on your loadout.

Review: KJW Sig Sauer P229

So far the SIG Sauer P229 looks great on the workbench and passed the tech portion of our review, so now let’s see how it performs in the field. For you newbies, the P229 is a double action pistol which allows the shooter to either rack the slide to cock the gun and a simple light pull of the trigger sends a round down range, or you can simply pull the gun from your holster and with a longer pull of the trigger you can fire a round. When used in double action mode, the trigger pull is longer and harder than in single action, but it is nice to be able to draw and shoot without needing to cock the slide.

When I fired the first round I was immediately impressed with the solid metal slide action and hard blowback … it was evident that this was no toy. The action of the P229 was more than satisfying and the loud bang could not help but further impress. The gun is a little on the heavy side, coming in at two pounds, for this size weapon. However, the additional weight is quickly forgotten when you realize its power and accuracy. I love the integrated rail, which allows the use of a red-dot laser sight or TAC light. When used with a light it is much easier to see your target in darker areas and it further illuminated the BBs, giving a tracer-like affect. The large 23-round magazine and ample gas storage means you do not need to carry as many spares or lug a gas tank around. During game play the green gas system has some advantages over a CO2 gun, including being able to top off the mag at any time between games.

Out of the box the accuracy was not that bad at shorter distances of less than 20 feet. But after adjusting the hop-up, which thankfully was easy, I was able to get some really nice groupings at distances of up to 40 feet. To adjust the hop-up, I first removed the magazine from the gun, and then I moved the slide lock lever so it was pointing down and the slide was then easily removed. This exposes the hop-up in the slide. I simply adjusted the dial a bit and reassembled it and fi red a few rounds, repeating the process until I was happy with the groupings. Because of the power that the P229 delivers, I would put the effective range at between 60 and 80 feet. The gun fired great and the range was impressive. It is nice to know that a gun which is widely chosen by law enforcement can now be a trusted sidearm on the airsoft field.

Review: KJW Sig Sauer P229

The KJW SIG Sauer P229 is a very solid firearm. It is constructed of full metal and looks, feels, and the slap of the slide even sounds like the real thing. The three-dot sites allow for fast and easy target acquisition and the integrated rail allows the use of laser sights, TAC lights and other accessories. The P229 is a compact-side pistol which is perfect for smaller hands and easy concealment on your loadout. If you are in the market for an authentic hand gun and you are a fan of the SIG Sauer brand, the KJW P229 should be on the top of your list.

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