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Laser Dot Zombie Apocalypse BBs

Laser Dot

The BBs that we use in our replicas are critical to our performance on the field. If you run crappy ammo, at best, you won’t hit your target, and at worst, you could damage your gun. We were recently sent over some ammo from Laser-Dot to test out from their new “Zombie Apocalypse” line.

Why are these things called Zombie Apocalypse BBs? In short, because they’re green, and as we all know, green = zombies. But underneath the clever branding and fancy bag art, these things really are good BBs.


Featuring a seamless, precision ground, and highly polished design, they won’t muck up your gun, and certainly qualify as high quality ammo. I tested them out in three separate guns, my M1903 Scout Rifle, ASG CZ P-01 Shadow GBB pistol, and my Lancer Tactical Elite Multi Mission Carbine AEG, and had zero feeding issues. The velocity consistency was also excellent, fluctuating less than usual on these specific guns. And lastly, range and accuracy was more than acceptable, with very few off-target flyers at the testing ranges I tried them out at.


The green color makes the BBs easy to track in flight, almost like a tracer effect, but obviously not as pronounced. They don’t glow in the dark, so you can’t use them as actual illuminated rounds with a tracer unit. Unfortunately, they’ll be fairly easy for your target to track in flight as well, so keep that in mind when using them. Laser Dot reports that they are biodegradable as well, so if your field requires bio ammo, these should fit the bill.


The ammo that we tested out is 0.25g, and come approximately 4000 to a bag, and a quick google search is showing an average price around $15 per bag at a variety of retailers, putting it on par with other BBs in this class. Laser Dot does not sell BBs directly to consumers, only to wholesalers and retailers, so price may be higher or lower depending on where you find it. Laser Dot ammo is a bit harder to find, but a quick Google search will point you in the direction of retailers both in the US and abroad.


Using my highly scientific method of chopping BBs in half with wire cutters, you can see that there are no air bubbles present in the core of the .25g BBs. Air bubbles in BBs can cause problems both with velocity consistency and accuracy, so a solid core BB is pretty much always preferred. I’m happy to see that these are bubble free.

All in all, Laser Dot seems to put out a high quality product at a very reasonable price. I don’t know that I’m 100% on board with the zombie branding, because frankly, I’m a little zombied out, however, I’d gladly run these BBs even if they’re designed to combat the undead hordes of airsoft players. Maybe they’ll have magic powers to help cheaters call their hits, as they’re the closest thing to real zombies that we have to deal with. Given that this ammo is biodegradable, it should be good to run at pretty much any field or event. If you’ve got a zombie problem on your field that you need dealt with, you should certainly consider Laser Dot’s large line of BB options!

EDIT: The original published review indicated that this ammo is not biodegradable, however, we were informed by the company that they are certified bio BBs. The packaging and website do not indicate this, however, Laser Dot informed me that their biodegradable certification card is included in the packages that go out to retailers, to be passed on to customers.