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Lightweight AEG Race Rifle Part II


Check out the first part of this How-To here if you haven’t already.

Airsoft is much more than just MilSim and one of the fastest rising branches of the sport is competitive timed shooting events.

Using specialized pistols, rifles and shotguns, shooters take on a predetermined course of targets, racing against the clock to try to score the fastest time. When building a race gun, light weight, accuracy and rapid trigger response take priority over velocity and extended range. We decided to put together an M4 AEG race rifle using some of the newest parts available from companies like Airsplat, G&G, ASG and PTS. To top it all off, we had the gun Cerakoted in a decidedly un-MilSim pure bright white color, to give it a distinctive flashy appearance sure to turn heads on the course. Let’s dive into this build and turn a normal M4 into something decidedly more awesome!

The plan for this build was to make a lightweight, yet still full metal and visually realistic M4 with snappy trigger response, excellent short-mid range accuracy and an ergonomic design using a tubular handguard, steeply angled pistol grip and other lightweight parts. We had a dream list of parts and were able to get most of those that we were looking for! Unfortunately, we did have one more part that we’d have liked to include in the build, a Deep Fire PTW type outer barrel and hop-up unit, but it just wouldn’t cooperate with the LCT receiver and gearbox.

LCT M4 RAS—$250
Trinity Force 10” Vented Handguard—$33
APS V2 Hybrid Trigger—$6
APS Trigger Guard—$4
MFT Minimalist Stock—$50
PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip Compact—$20
PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine—$20
Madbull PWS Triad Compensator—$28
G&G Electronic Trigger Unit—$40
ASG Infinity 28 TPA Motor—$55
Reflex Sight—$30
Madbull Steel 6.03 x 363mm TBB—$40
VFC VR16 Hop-up Unit—Pulled from another gun
Madbull Orange Bucking—Pulled from another gun
Cerakote From Robin Sage Coatings—$125

AEG-p88After popping out the cosmetic right side selector plug, you can unscrew the selector switch through the hole. The magazine release is removed by unscrewing the small Torx screw keeping it in place. The upper receiver forward assist has a single pin that needs to be tapped out in order to remove it and the spring. After that, you can tap out the pin for the dust cover and remove it from the gun, leaving you with two naked, fresh receivers ready for paint.

AEG-p9 9While the receiver and buffer tube are away at Robin Sage Coatings getting pampered in their spray booth and enjoying the oven sauna, it’s time to turn our attention to the gearbox.

AEG-p1010The LCT M4 includes a blowback system that uses a plastic piece to catch the piston and move the faux bolt carrier with every shot. It’s a complicated mess of a system that hinders performance, so we’ll be eliminating that once we open the gun up. Look how complicated this normally simple gearbox looks because of this system.

11With the gearbox opened up, we can see that LCT did a great job with the rest of the internals, fitting it with steel gears, a steel tooth piston and great air seal components. We don’t need to do much here, just change out some of the trigger components to help give it a great trigger response.

AEG-p1212We went with the G&G ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit). It replaces your whole trigger unit with a micro switch activated system and it has a MOSFET to give you things like shot completion, LiPo battery monitoring and burst mode. It’s a very simple drop-in installation that required no modifi cations at all for this build.

AEG-p1313Compared to the regular trigger switch, you can see the obvious differences between the shuttle actuated system on the left and the micro switch system on the right.


14Once you remove the existing trigger assembly, the G&G unit drops right into place. No worries about burned out trigger contacts and the microswitch system gives you great semi-auto performance.

Well that’s it for Part II, but check out Part III here!