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Lightweight AEG Race Rifle Part IV


Check out part 3 of this How-To series here if you haven’t already.

Airsoft is much more than just MilSim and one of the fastest rising branches of the sport is competitive timed shooting events.

Using specialized pistols, rifles and shotguns, shooters take on a predetermined course of targets, racing against the clock to try to score the fastest time. When building a race gun, light weight, accuracy and rapid trigger response take priority over velocity and extended range. We decided to put together an M4 AEG race rifle using some of the newest parts available from companies like Airsplat, G&G, ASG and PTS. To top it all off, we had the gun Cerakoted in a decidedly un-MilSim pure bright white color, to give it a distinctive flashy appearance sure to turn heads on the course. Let’s dive into this build and turn a normal M4 into something decidedly more awesome!

The plan for this build was to make a lightweight, yet still full metal and visually realistic M4 with snappy trigger response, excellent short-mid range accuracy and an ergonomic design using a tubular handguard, steeply angled pistol grip and other lightweight parts. We had a dream list of parts and were able to get most of those that we were looking for! Unfortunately, we did have one more part that we’d have liked to include in the build, a Deep Fire PTW type outer barrel and hop-up unit, but it just wouldn’t cooperate with the LCT receiver and gearbox.

LCT M4 RAS—$250
Trinity Force 10” Vented Handguard—$33
APS V2 Hybrid Trigger—$6
APS Trigger Guard—$4
MFT Minimalist Stock—$50
PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip Compact—$20
PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine—$20
Madbull PWS Triad Compensator—$28
G&G Electronic Trigger Unit—$40
ASG Infinity 28 TPA Motor—$55
Reflex Sight—$30
Madbull Steel 6.03 x 363mm TBB—$40
VFC VR16 Hop-up Unit—Pulled from another gun
Madbull Orange Bucking—Pulled from another gun
Cerakote From Robin Sage Coatings—$125

AEG-p2222Now it’s time to put the gun back together. Reassemble the components of the receivers in the opposite of the order that you took them apart. Use proper punches and the correct pins when reinstalling things like the forward assist.

AEG-p23 23We left some parts black to act as an interesting visual contrast with the bright white receiver. Plus, it looks like a Stormtrooper and that’s just fantastic.

AEG-p2424Reinstalling the gearbox is simple as before, however, the Cerakote does add a tiny amount of material to pin holes, so you may need to use a fine file to open things up a bit. In this pic, you’ll see the G&G specific selector plate that is recommended for use with the ETU.

AEG-p25 25With the gearbox installed, the contrasting black parts with the red fl at trigger just pop. This thing looks great. A quick function test before buttoning everything else up ensures that it works great as well.

AEG-p26 26The ETU uses a fairly large MOSFET unit that will have to be stored somewhere. For this gun, we’re running a Tenergy 11.1V LiPo battery deep inside the buffer tube, with the MOSFET hanging out the back of the buffer tube. It’ll keep us from fully collapsing the stock unfortunately, but with my long arms, it won’t be much of a problem.

 27We went with the brand spanking new PTS EPG (Enhanced Polymer Grip), specifically the compact model for this build. With a steeper grip angle, facilitated by a novel setup for the motor height adjustment, this gives you that more vertical grip angle without screwing up your pinion gear alignment angles. It works very well, feels great and looks absolutely fantastic.


28Inside the grip, we installed ASG’s new 28 TPA rated 18,000 RPM Infinity Torque motor. With CNC machined components and outrageously strong Neo motors, this gave us the ability to run pretty much any spring we wanted with fast trigger response, especially when mated to the G&G ETU. The only con of this motor is that it’s fairly loud in this setup.

This build is coming along great so far and we’re almost done too! Check back in soon as we finish up this build in part V!