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MSATO OP Defcon: Meltdown

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Earlier in 2015, MSATO MilSim put together the first airsoft event held at a nuclear power plant in the US. Tom, aka “Crossfire”, who created MSATO has a special knack for finding one-of-a-kind AOs in the northeastern US. This was no exception. When we received word that he would be doing another event here on September 19th and 20th we knew we had to make the trip down to check it out.

Brief AAR:
OP DEFCON: Meltdown
Date: 9-20 SEPT 2015
Location: Shoreham, Long Island, NY
AO: Nuclear Power Plant (Decommissioned)

The LocationMSATO-OP-p1

To give you a better idea of the AO, here is a little background on the former Long Island power plant. The Shoreham nuclear plant began construction in 1973 and took 12 years to complete, wrapping up in 1985. At most the plant was only open to 5% capacity before it was closed due to public opposition. Keep in mind the Chernobyl disaster happened in 1986 and the Three Mile Island partial meltdown occured in 1979. By 1994 the plant was cleaned of all its radioactive waste. Since then it has been unused. We were given nearly full access to the entire plant and some of the surrounding area. Unless something was clearly marked off with caution tape we pretty much had full access. Anything from the control room to the cooling tower was in play. We were limited to just a few stories of the cooling tower, but seeing as it’s abou
t 230 feet tall with only stair access, I was OK with not having to walk its entire height. The environment had vast open areas outside with plenty of cover as well as massive open rooms and dark, tight corridors to maneuver around in.


Battles from OP DEFCON started back in January as Ukrainian Freedom Fighters tried to gain control of the Nuclear Power Plant. During this Battle of the WINTER WARRIORS, the COALITION FORCES were able to hold them off and ultimately maintain control.
In April at OP DEFCON: Task Force Knight; Freedom Fighters reorganized and came with a larger force that was mixed with fighters from the January assault. The knowledge of the facility and inner workings allowed the Freedom Fighters to overrun the nuclear facility.
In July after DEFCON the Freedom Fighters went on to work as mercenaries for the drug cartel that was setting up a Meth lab. Their main goal was to raise money to purchase more weapons. In particular they were looking to buy biological weapons. They did their part and the cartel was able to manufacture the Meth and they did get partial payment. They lost 50% of their money through a DEA planted virus in the computer of the Arms dealers. They gave up the other money they had to purchase an Anti-Aircraft system. The problem was that some of their men got carried away in battling Coalition forces and they lost the main computer and radar system. They got a back-up system, but it was second rate and had issues.

MSATO-OP-p2In August the Freedom Fighters went to a Religious Retreat on the Ukraine/Russia border to regroup and re-arm. They used this location with the hope of being far enough away from Coalition forces and with being at a religious location the ROE would prevent the CF from attacking. By being on the Russian border they were able to cross into Russia and purchase the weapons they wanted. Unfortunately for the FF the Coalition sent in a Recon/ Scout team. They were there to gather Intel, but this Recon Force had targets of opportunities and intercept the Arms Deal Biological material. FF were able to get it back, but they never fixed the problem they had with the Anti Aircraft system. This major issue allowed the Coalition Forces to call in an airstrike that destroyed the weapons and biological material the FF bought from the Russians.

Now, September 2015, the Freedom Fighters are gathering a large, overwhelming force to go back after the nuclear facility and get the nuclear material. Their plan is to get enough to use for dirty bombs. They also plan to sell high quality material to representatives from nations looking to become nuclear powers.

Freedom Fighters (FF) started at their respawn location.

COALITION FORCES (CoFor) started with 1/3 of their people inside the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). Remaining started outside at their respawn as a QRF, that could start as soon as NPP came under attack.


FF: Attack the NPPMSATO-OP-p3

1. Locate the Nuclear Engineer inside the office building, get him to the Main Control room.

2. Locate 3 Desktop computers and get them to the NPP Main Control room.

a. One with Engineer
b. One in office building
c. One in Rad Waste building control room

3. Capture the Anti-Aircraft missile defense system (SAM).

CoFor: Defend and stop FF from completing missions.

MSATO-OP-p4FF quickly attacked the SAM site and captured the system, then moved it to their area in a defensive position which prevented the CoFor from calling in for air support against the attack.

After some serious fighting the FF gained a foothold inside the office building and they were able to locate the Nuclear Engineer and the two computers in the Office building.

The battle inside the NPP was fierce and CoFor held off the FF for majority of the day, but with less than 15 minutes left until the end of Mission 1, the FF pushed and it seemed like CoFor gave up. Ultimately the FF were able to complete their main mission of getting the Engineer and two computers inside the Ma in Control Room.


FF start half their group inside the NPP where they were at EndEx from Mission 1. Other half started at SAM site. CoFor start approx. 10 players inside Rad Waste Building. Remaining force start at Respawn.

1. FF need to meet with Terrorist who is looking to buy Radioactive Material.
a. Meeting complete, but Terrorist captured by CoFor by end.
2. FF need to get the Radioactive Carrier. (gang box).
a. Mission Failed
3. FF need to locate the chemicals to clean the exterior of the Radioactive Material container.
a. Located and FF held onto this material
4. Once they had gang box, chemicals and engineer they could go inside the Reactor Building to get the material.
a. Never were able to complete mission
5. Once have material could sell to terrorist and extract from AO
a. Not completed, lost Terrorist to CoFor FF met with Terrorist, got the chemicals and brought to the Main Control room. CoFor came back very strong and overran the FF inside the NPP, capturing the Engineer, stopping the FF from getting the Gang Box and even captured the Terrorist and his gold that he was using to buy the radioactive material.

FF still going after Radioactive material, but were able to use protective suits to transport.

Mission Failed. FF decided to fight the CoFor instead of using protective suit to go after the material. CoFor eventually overran FF.

CoFor did have a lot more Night Vision which did seem to play a significant role in this night mission. No lights outside and limited inside.

FF met with another Terrorist (brother of one captured Sat), who wanted to avenge his brother and blow up the NPP. He provided the FF with three IEDs, one for the Main Control Room, one for the Rad Waste Building Control Room, one for inside the Reactor Tower.

The Terrorist sold the FF three chemical missiles. The FF needed to get material from inside the NPP to fill these missiles. This was completed. The FF did extract at the end of the day with these missiles and did have them filled with the chemical material.

CoFor was able to retrieve the Anti-Aircraft System from the FF, they also captured two of the IEDs from the FF.

The FF were able to get the most powerful IED inside the reactor tower with less then 20 minutes left, BUT CoFor had a team searching the NPP for the missing IED and with less then one minute until EndEx and the Reactor being blown up the CoFor were able to disarm the IED.MSATO-OP-p7