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NEW Microphones for Motorola XPR Turbo Radios!

New Code RED Headsets Main
New Code RED Headsets p1Code Red Headsets has several new microphones compatible with these Motorola radio models:

MOTOTRBO radio XPR3000, XPR3300 and XRP3500 series and Tetra MTP3250 radio.

Code Red Headsets releases new microphones for Motorola XPR Turbo Radio

New Code RED Headsets p1
2-Wire microphone with a clear tube earpiece. Low profile microphone with clothing clip, and push to talk switch.
The 2-Wire design provides more options for running the cord down a sleeve or placement on a tactical vest.

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New Code RED Headsets p3Affordable 1-wire microphone with a clear tube earpiece. Push-to-talk microphone can be positioned on the front of your shirt.
Clear tube is replaceable and compatible with our semi-custom Ear Molds.
Perfect for hotels, casinos, security and special event staff.

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New Code RED Headsets p4Signal 21-M12
Rugged shoulder speaker microphone with a large, easy to access talk button. A 3.5mm audio port for listen only earpieces is located on the head of the shoulder mic. 
Choose from a great selection of earpieces that are compatible with our Signal 21 microphone;
Our Silent Jr 3.5 (clear tube), Crew Jr 3.5 (swivel hook), Guard Jr 3.5 (soft hook), and Shield Jr 3.5 (D-Ring).

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