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Operation Liberty Canyon Indian Country: Vietnam Airsoft

Vietnam Airsoft MainPrepping for any large game, OP or Milsim event requires proper planning and sourcing of gear and other materials.

FVietnam Airsoft p1or some games it’s easier than others. For a select group of players the latest gear isn’t what they are interested in. Fictional wars don’t necessarily appeal to this group. Those that partake in Vietnam airsoft, or Namsoft, walk a different path from the usual airsofter. I have been to a few games in years past, but hadn’t been to one in some time. I was recently invited by Nick Diez to Operation Liberty Canyon Indian Country held in Wolcott Connecticut. This multi-day Immersive Vietnam experience is unlike many other games you are attending.


The goal of the Liberty Canyon series of Vietnam events is to give players the greatest immersive experience possible. This starts weeks prior to the event through Facebook groups and other online sources. Missions and units are assigned. There is a backstory and opord posted to the website with a history of the AO or Area of Operations. Clearly defined kit requirements are laid out from uniforms to weapons. This sort of event isn’t for everyone, but if you want to give it a shot they have equipment that you can rent in order to enjoy a weekend in the “Jungle”.

Vietnam Airsoft p2WHEN YOU ARRIVE

Stepping onsite it’s clear to see that you are in for a different experience. They bring in many unique items to go along with the event. Tents and gear are laid out and some people will buy and sell some gear prior to the event. The atmosphere is set to the tune of music from 1968; you won’t find the musical stylings of Kendrick Lamar over the radio here. The Doors, Rolling Stones and many other iconic rock bands will be on all weekend long. The U.S. forces set up their firebase to live in and fight from for the weekend. Trenches are dug and sandbags filled. Once the event is completed, players are put on watch for the VC and NVA forces.

The VC and NVA players typically have a camp setup in the woods. Their force is much more mobile and packs lighter than the US. AKs, Chicom rigs and North Vietnam propaganda can be found in their camp as well as tributes to “uncle ho”. At this recent event they had Vietnamese food to go along with the immersive experience.

Vietnam Airsoft p3GAMEPLAY

Playing in these events requires adhering to a set of rules that is slightly different from your typical airsoft game. First of all the wounded rules are laid out similarly to U.S. military training. Each player is given a wounded card. The card says which type of wound you have. Some people are killed right away; others have injuries to particular areas such as an arm or leg. Its encouraged to act out your hits by yelling, calling for a medic and just hamming it up all around.

Vietnam Airsoft p4As for the actual fighting, the missions are very similar to what you would hear about in the actual war. The U.S. forces will go on patrols into various areas in search of the enemy. Each time they will move out from their firebase and keep in touch with AN/PRC-77 backpack radios. These are not your standard Motorolas and add yet another level of immersion to the experience. While on the move, squads report back to command with any updates they may have. Sometimes missions can change while on the move and they can be sent into a particular area to wipe out known enemy positions or to seize supplies and take prisoners for intel.

As for the NVA and VC forces, their missions are to probe the U.S. forces for weak points, set up ambushes on the American patrols, move supplies from location to location, protect their well hidden base and lastly to try and overtake the U.S. Firebase.

Unit cohesion and teamwork are what makes this event great. This game type is not for those that want to show up and go where they please. Every mission has a purpose, every player a job and every engagement is a ton of fun. By keeping your group together and on task it just makes the event that much better.

These events typically last from late Friday to early Sunday. There isn’t really a set time to head back to the parking lot or staging area. You are in the game all weekend long. Even when you report back to base there is always someone on the watch and units get cycled through the field. Although this is not a constant rolling firefight it is entertaining to those that enjoy a more realistic immersion.

Vietnam Airsoft p5WRAP-UP

While it’s not for everyone I would definitely recommend this game type to those interested in a Vietnam-themed game that are also more inclined to participate in weekend-long, immersive style squad based events. The group at Liberty Canyon Vietnam Airsoft Events puts on a good show!