Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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PolarStar does it again! PAKM

They have send in some exciting news to us here at Airsoft Insider.1016811_10151536847831440_1292110355_n


For the shooter who is a rebel at heart and prefers to walk  a different path, we are proud to introduce the long awaited  PAKM. Representing crude Russian charm at its best, these  rifles will compliment any freedom fighter or Cold War era  loadout with detail second only to the real firearm.


We construct our PAKM using LCT bodies which, being made of  steel with real wood furniture, makes them among the most  realistic AK models on the market. Each rifle features laser  etched PolarStar trademarks on the receiver and its own  unique serial number stamped into the trunnion.


These rifles are equipped with our Version 3 Fusion Engine  so you don’t have to worry about upgrading or  maintaining a gearbox. And, since they are capable of  accepting most any aftermarket magazine, barrel or  accessories for the AK series AEG, all you have to worry  about is getting accessories you actually want to buy for  it!

Measuring 35.75 inches long from muzzle to butt plate, the  full size PAKM replicates the modernized variant of the
AK-47 assault rifle which was introduced during the height  of the Cold War. It features a 16.3 inch barrel with a 14mm  CCW threaded muzzle and comes with an authentic slanted  muzzle brake. The Fusion Engine in this model has been wired  to the top so the FCU and battery are conveniently located  underneath the receiver cover for easy access. It comes  standard with a Blue air nozzle but can easily be fitted  with any of our six AK series nozzles to best fit your  application.