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PTS AAC Scar-H SD 7.62 Mock Silencer

A Silence More Eloquent Than Words

Review: PTS AAC Scar-H SD 7.62 Mock Silencer
This setup will turn friends into haters. It’s that good.

Every now and then, I become fixated on something. Usually something material in nature, I come across certain “things” that I find myself obsessing over until I figure out a way to make that thing mine. The PTS AAC SCAR-H SD Mock Silencer has been that “thing” on my mind for quite some time now. Luckily, thanks to Kevin, my esteemed colleague at Airsoft Insider, and the fine folks at, my dream has been realized.

Review: PTS AAC Scar-H SD 7.62 Mock Silencer
This is what the base of the silencer looks like with the flash hider inserted and twisted into place. You can also see the notched, spring-loaded button that you press and hold to unlock the silencer and twist off the flash hider.

WHO MAKES IT: Professional Training Systems (PTS), licensed by Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC)
MODEL: PTS AAC SCAR-H SD 7.62 Mock Suppressor
CLASS: Accessory
TYPE: Mock Suppressor/Barrel Extension
WHO IT’S FOR: Anyone with excellent taste in premium quality airsoft accessories
HOW MUCH: $110.00 from
MATERIAL: 6061 T6 Aluminum (the good stuff!)
INCLUDES: Steel Blackout 51T M.I.T.E.R. flash hider, 14mm counterclockwise threading
NOT INCLUDED, BUT MAY BE REQUIRED: MadBull 2 in. Outer Barrel Extension (CCW to CCW)
DIMENSIONS: 270mm long x 40mm wide (diameter). Roughly 10 inches, for the non-metric crowd.


+ Made from high-grade aluminum
+ Licensed by AAC
+ High-quality, stamped markings that replicate its firearm counterpart
+ Attaches quickly and easily
+ Looks phenomenal on my Elite Force HK417 AEG
+ Unique and/or otherwise rare here in the states ( was one of only two U.S. retailers that I could find who carry this model)

– Over-barrel flash hider, requires the MadBull 2 in. CCW to CCW outer barrel extension to mount on the HK417 and any other rifle without at least 2 in. of outer barrel length between the handguard/RIS and the 14mm threading on the end of the outer barrel.
– Some people can’t handle the 10 inch length, may appear too lengthy for some rifles
– Sits atop the price spectrum as far as airsoft suppressors go (it’s expensive)
– May cause your other guns to have “suppressor envy”

Review: PTS AAC Scar-H SD 7.62 Mock Silencer
Side view of the flash hider attached to the rifle. Reminder: You’ll need the MadBull two-inch CCW to CCW Outer Barrel Extension piece to attach to an HK417 since the threading inside the AAC 51T M.I.T.E.R. flash hider is recessed about two inches in from the base. It’s an “over-the-barrel” design.

Review: PTS AAC Scar-H SD 7.62 Mock Silencer

If you look around in this issue, you’ll find I’ve also written a piece about the Elite Force HK417 AEG. I’ve been building my 417 up for a little while now, but I always felt like it had to have the right suppressor to be perfect, sort of like the tactical cherry on top of a delicious, airsoft sundae. Yes, that’s right: the PTS AAC SCAR-H Suppressor is my HK417’s tactical ice cream sundae topping. #tacticalmetaphorsFTW. It’s quite a breathtaking site when they’re paired together. Suppressors are probably a favorite accessory to add to my guns. I just love the way they look. Call me shallow and/or superficial, but it’s just the way I feel. I can’t help who I am. Not only did I feel like the look had to be right, I also felt that since I’ve got a replica 7.62mm rifle, I needed to go with a replica 7.62 mock suppressor ‘cuz I try to stay true like Drake. I’ll admit, as if you couldn’t tell by the name, the real suppressor was actually designed for the SCAR-Heavy (hence the “H”), which is the 7.62mm version of the well-known FNH SCAR platform. However, I don’t care. I’m running it on my 417 and laughing all the way to the field with it.

The PTS AAC SCAR-H SD 7.62 Mock Suppressor has earned every bit of each of those stars. I have absolutely no problem vouching for this piece.

Review: PTS AAC Scar-H SD 7.62 Mock Silencer
Perfection comes in Flat Dark Earth.

I’m no stranger to high-end airsoft suppressors. I’m proud to have several in my collection. However, this one ranks pretty much at the top of the food chain. Quality is easily on par with my finest MadBull suppressors, particularly the Surefire replicas that are sadly no longer made. I don’t know that I could pick one over the other, mostly because one is for 7.62mm replicas and the other is for 5.56mm replicas. Rest assured, however, that if you buy this suppressor, you are going to get what you pay for (that’s a good thing in this case). I am going to have to issue another 5 star rating, but again, I will preface that by saying the PTS AAC SCAR-H SD 7.62 Mock Suppressor has earned every bit of each of those stars. I have absolutely no problem vouching for this piece. You will not be disappointed. Unless you failed to read the important part in this article about the MadBull extension piece; then you will be temporarily disappointed until you acquire it and resolve the attachment issue previously mentioned.

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Words and Photos By: Tom Harris