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Revision Wolfspider Tactical Goggle System

Revision Wolfspider Tactical Goggle System
Revision Wolfspider Tactical Goggle System

Before even picking up any weapon for this sport, your first thought and purchase should be related to protective eyewear. There are a number of companies that offer eyewear, but if you are like me, you want to make certain what you are using to protect your eyes is top-of-the-line. That is why we hit up Revision Military for their latest in eye protection.

If you are familiar with the Revision line, you know they make protective and performance glasses, goggles, masks, helmets and a number of accessories. We sorted through the offerings and selected their standard eye protection, Wolfspider Tactical Goggles. Interested? They will run you about $99.00 and are available in a tan or black frame. Lenses in clear and smoke came with the Deluxe Kit we tested. Let’s put them in action and see how they do.

Revision Wolfspider Tactical Goggle System

WHO MAKES IT: Revision
PRODUCT: Wolfspider Tactical Goggle System Deluxe Kit
MATERIAL/ PATTERN: Impact resistant plastic/rubber frame available in black, tan or grey. Clear and solar lenses. Elastic headband
OVERALL CONSTRUCTION- High impact flexible frame, high impact fog and chemical resistant lens, adjustable strap
CAPABILITIES- Meets military ballistic impact requirements

REVIEWER’S OPINION: Revision offers some of the best eye protection available and the Wolfspider Tactical Goggles are spot on if you are looking for a comfortable fit goggle with interchangeable lenses and excellent performance at an affordable price.


+ Excellent field of vision
+ Lightweight design
+ Prescription Rx ready

– No fan option

When I received the Wolfspider goggles, I was very excited to see what Revision had introduced for 2013. After tearing into the box, I first noticed that the goggles were very lightweight and appeared to have a large viewing area. Moving on, I inspected what came with the Deluxe Kit; a clear lens (they came with a grey colored lens installed), a cleaning cloth and carry case. The big draw here is that the two lenses meet and exceed military ballistic impact standards and have a scratch-resistant, UV protective and anti-fog coating which Revision calls OcuMax. Looking over the goggle, you will see there are vents on the top and bottom of the frame. Both top and bottom are covered with a thin layer of foam. The frame is a good high-strength rubber that keeps its shape while being worn. When you examine the strap, you will see your standard wide band strap that has a goggle cover incorporated. It was very easy to adjust the strap to change it from wearing with a hat, to a helmet, to just wearing them on my head. Beyond the Deluxe kit setup you see here, Revision also offers optional lenses, frame colors with accompanying strap sleeves and prescription Rx inserts—all in all a versatile eyewear system.

Revision Wolfspider Tactical Goggle System
Revision Wolfspider Tactical Goggle System

When I put these goggles on; I was able to see what Revision had put together for their new goggle system. I was an instant fan of the adjustable strap used with the Wolfspiders. I’ve seen people playing tug of war trying to adjust the strap on other goggles. Not so with these, the straps are easy to adjust on the fly and are secure enough not to slip out of the setting while in use. Moving on to the field of view, these goggles have an excellent, wide field of vision, very impressive for a really low profile goggle. Being able to see as much as possible while having maximum protection is critical to being successful at game play and the Wolfspiders were doing the job.

For daytime, I used the grey solar lenses to cut down on glare from the sun and opted for the clear lenses at dusk or on cloudy days. Swapping out the lens is easy and will only take a minute or two. Having the storage bag to keep the spare lens in or to store the goggles themselves is perfect for protecting your investment. Back in the field, during my initial testing period, I was unable to fog them, and the vents on the top and the bottom of the frame worked very well during times of movement or when there was a slight breeze. Some dust was flying through the air during advancements and I was pleased to see the lens didn’t attract the debris like a magnet. Just a few dust particles settled on the lens but when the day was over, I cleaned up the Wolfspiders with the included lens rag and they looked as good as new.

Overall, for a low profile goggle, the Wolfspider is an excellent piece and will find its way into my gear bag for games. The large field of vision will give you a good layout of the play field or MOUT site while allowing you a good view of your gear at the same time; a definite plus. If you are interested in purchasing the Wolfspider Goggles from Revision, you can find them at your local airsoft shop or online retail vendor.

Revision,, (800) 383-6049

Words By: Eric Fine Photos: Walter Sidas
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