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SEE ALL OPEN SIGHT: Say goodbye to optic batteries

See-All-Open-SIght-MainAs I’ve written several times before, an optic is one of the fastest and easiest additions to your airsoft replica that can have a real, noticeable impact on your shooting performance. Most of our shooting in this sport is snap shooting; rapidly bringing your rifle to target and getting a shot off as quickly as possible. How quickly you can accurately put some rounds on target can mean the difference between moving on to your objective, and the long walk back to respawn.

PRODUCT NAME: See All Open Sight
WHAT IS IT: Rail mounted, battery free open sight
WHO IT’S FOR: Mid-high level players
HOW MUCH: $98.95

Unfortunately, most optics run off of batteries and those batteries tend to die at the least opportune times. They also feature sensitive electronics and wiring that can start acting up when you bang them around while playing. Real firearm grade optics are generally hardened against shock and recoil; however, they tend to be priced pretty far outside of most airsofters’ budgets. Even an entry level optic from a company like Vortex Optics starts around $200.

Well, that’s all changing. A small company out of Idaho came up with a battery free, low profile, fiber-optic-based open sight that is touted as being pretty damn near indestructible. It’s able to be fit on just about anything with a 20mm rail, and with the use of easily found rail risers, nearly any weapon platform can be set up perfectly.

The other integral part of the sight is the polycarbonate lens located at the rear. It is designed to keep both the target and the reticle in focus at the same time.


See All starts with a piece of aluminum that is machined down for weight and to fit their patented aiming mechanism. It slides onto any properly manufactured 20mm rail and is secured using two vertically oriented locking screws. At the rear, a custom made piece of optical grade polycarbonate is installed.

This is designed to bring the reticle into focus without disturbing your natural sight picture. That reticle is printed onto a relatively large block of “edge glow” material; essentially a big ol’ block of fiber optic light gathering goodness. The end result is a parallax free reticle that you can quickly place under your target and shoot. The point of aim, once properly adjusted using the included hex screws, will remain true as long as you can put the tip of that triangular reticle under your target.

See-All-Open-SIght-p2THE GOOD 

First, this thing is a tank. Seriously, there’s nothing to break on it. The lens is thick polycarbonate, and the company has never reported a lens failure from an airsoft BB strike. The edge glow block is also extremely solid and is protected by the metal body of the sight. It’s waterproof, fog proof, and in my testing so far, clumsy airsofter proof.

Second, the mechanism is ridiculously simple. The only moving part of the whole thing is the adjustable reticle block. There are no clamps to fail, nothing to be bumped out of alignment, and no parts to wear down from use. It holds true zero, even with high recoil firearms, and the windage and elevation is easy to adjust with the included hex wrench.

The sight picture is bright and clear with a minimum amount of overhead lighting. Just place the triangle underneath your target, and you’ll be shooting accurately.

Third, it’s fast to acquire. Once you get the right sized riser, if needed, you’ll be able to easily bring your rifle, shotgun, or even pistol replica up on your target and shoot. The closer your eye is to the sight, the smaller the reticle triangle will appear, so it can get tricky if you have it way out there on a pistol, but it’s certainly doable. The edge glow material really needs light coming from above to work as well as possible, and as such, extreme low light shooting is hindered; however, if you have enough overhead and direct light to see your target, you should be able to see your reticle.

Finally, you never need to get batteries for it. No CR123s, no 2032s, no “AAA”s, nothing. This has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit, but I tend to get out to games and have a nonfunctioning optic because I’m an idiot and forgot to bring spare batteries. This thing is idiot proof.


My only major complaints about the See All sight are related to the way it mounts. It has a slide-on mounting style, meaning you have to have full access to either the front or the rear of the rail in order to install it. I’ve got a few guns that require you to tip the optic onto the rail, and that’s not possible with this. When you slide it on and lock down the mounting screws, the thing will be secure, but those mounting screws will likely leave marks on your top rail. The other complaint is a minor one, but this thing is so low profile that you will likely need a riser for it. It sits far too low on an AR pattern rifle without a riser, so you’ll need to budget for a low or medium riser, depending on your general shooting style. I’ve found a cheap low riser on Amazon that worked very well, as well as a UTG medium unit for certain guns. These two risers give me the versatility to run this on just about any gun I own.


Clearly, I like this thing. It’s lightweight, low profile, and it works, every time. It’s refreshing to have an optic that I don’t need to worry about. It will do its job 10 out of 10 times. I also like the fact that this is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., and that it has a lifetime warranty for materials and defects. If, somehow, that lens gets shot out, it’ll get replaced for free. If the edge glow block somehow fails, it’ll get replaced. If you somehow manage to break the damn thing in half, the company will take care of it. Knowing that nothing can really go wrong with this thing, and in the off chance something does fail, that it’ll get replaced, goes a long way in my book. You’ll be seeing much more of this little sight in the coming issues as it ends up on many of our showcased replicas.


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