Friday, September 30, 2022
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Airsoft Insider TV: Armorer Works Double Barrel Hi-Capa

For reasons that I wish I could explain, double barreled gas blowback pistols are becoming a bit of a thing these days. I’m not discounting their cool factor, because they’re definitely one of the coolest pistols on the market, but their utility on the field is questionable, at best. Since airsoft is 99% about having something cool, it only makes sense that these are starting to hit the field in big numbers from a few different manufacturers.

In this edition of Airsoft Insider TV, we’re looking at the double barrel hi-capa from Armorer Works, available through Evike.

To increase the usefulness of this pistol, we’re having it sent off to a Kydex holster manufacturer to get a prototype holster made. You can bet that once it’s able to be carried effectively on the field, this will be a much more compelling option for a sidearm.