Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Airsoft Insider TV: Elite Force H8R Review

The long awaited Elite Force H8R CO2 powered revolver has finally arrived, but does it meet our lofty expectations? Check this video we put together for the details.

In short, here’s a pro and con list:

Very inexpensive – $65ish
Magazine “discs” are cheap and easy to carry
Plenty of rail space for lights, lasers, accessories
Extremely consistent with gas economy
CQB ready velocity

Zero hop-up. Not even a fixed unit.
Clamshell body isn’t the most realistic
Cylinder is molded in and doesn’t resolve
Very short usable range

While the H8R has a fair bit of potential, the lack of a hop-up makes the performance suffer substantially. Hopefully later versions of the H8R will rectify that, because right now, this thing is only useful for very short range CQB gameplay. Many thanks to Gas Blowback Central for sending this over for us to test out!