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Interview with SLENDER AIRSOFT

Slender-Airsoft-mainAfter going back and forth for a few months we finally had time to track down some of the members of Slender Airsoft and learn more about the team.

Airsoft Insider: So who is Slender Airsoft?

CRY$IS/Slender Airsoft: Slender Airsoft is a competitive airsoft team based out of Orange County, California. We enjoy the speedsoft, close-quarters scene as well as participating in competitions and team challenges. Occasionally, we attend large milsim operations to expand and improve on training and to diversify the style of play.

AI: How long has your team been around?

SA: The team was created in late 2011 and we have been playing religiously ever since.

AI: What was the deciding factor for you to go from just a group of players to a team? Many of our readers are looking to join or start a team. Maybe you have something special that can help them out?

SA: If you enjoy playing with friends and family for fun, we say go for it and start up a team! This was how Slender Airsoft got its start. We never thought we could get to where we are today! It does not hurt to start up a team—whether it lasts for a week or a lifetime, just live in the moment and enjoy these good times.

AI: What is your team’s motto? How did you decide on that?

SA: The Slender Airsoft motto is “Don’t Look Back.” To progress, forward movement is needed. We keep pushing forward, unafraid of what’s to come and prepared to destroy.

Slender-Airsoft-p1AI: After watching some of your videos and looking through your photos I notice you wear white ties. When did that start and why?

SA: Slenderman is the main icon and theme of Slender Airsoft, due to the urban legend of his stealthy pursuits in nature; always watching closely and following his unknowing prey from behind. Some advice from the team: stay on your guard and “Don’t Look Back.” The white ties are the main, iconic part of the loadout. This started from our roots the day we decided to form our team as Slender Airsoft

AI: If you could improve airsoft in any way what would it be?

SA: If we could eliminate all the raging and negativity on and off the field, we would. We are honest players and we expect that of the rest of the community. However, though that is not always the case, we make the best out of those situations and continue to play the sport rather than get angered and upset. Furthermore, we continue to advocate general airsoft safety both to seasoned players and to those entering the sport.

AI: Does Slender Airsoft have a standard loadout?

SA: Slender Airsoft mainly plays for pure enjoyment and fun, which is why Slenderman was selected to be the icon for the team. His image inspires the all-black attire, white Dyei4 mask, and the iconic white Slender Airsoft tie. As much as the team loves the sport of airsoft, we try not to take it too seriously, which is why we wear ties.

AI: I see you guys build some custom guns. What was your favorite build? spare no detail!

“THE OGRE” [CRY$IS PolarStar M4 Build]

Internals – PolarStar FE V2 Gen 3, Red Poppet, Red Nozzle, Prowin Hop Up, Prometheus Purple Bucking & Nub, Madbull Black Python Tightbore, R-Hop, Amped Green PIGL, Retro Arms Green Straight Trigger

Externals – G&P MOTS Body, G&P MOTS 5” Rail, EoTech EXPS3-0 Dot Sight, MFT Utility Stock, Madbull Umbrella Corp Pistol Grip with FiggySmallz Chaos Stipple, CAA TVG Vertical Grip, Asura Dynamics Outer Barrel, G&G Suppressor, Retro Arms Green Selector Switch


AI: What does it mean to be a sponsored team? I’m sure many of our readers would like to know how they can do it.

Slender Airsoft is proudly sponsored by AirSplat. To be sponsored, the team has to put in time, work, and effort in representing the sponsor well. If your team is contemplating sponsorship, we suggest growing your physical, mental, and emotional representation on the fields and really getting to know the community and players. Establish an honest play style, avoid the drama, and play for the sport of airsoft itself, not for popularity or fame.

AI: Do you guys get together to train? 

SA: We do not have mandatory training dates, but rather we prefer to run together on the field, building chemistry and instincts with one another’s actions and movements.

AI: What are you top three fields?

SA: Our top three fields are our home field, Tac City Airsoft (both North and South locations), Hollywood Sports Park, and SC Village.

AI: I see you have put out a number of videos on YouTube. Do you plan to keep that a regular thing? What sort of videos can we expect to see?

SA: Videos are, and will be, continued as we move forward and progress. Our channel mainly consists of high-intensity gameplay footage and montages. From time to time, we release product review videos for any items donated to the team by our sponsors.

AI: What types of behavior from other teams or players do you most admire?

SA: Running with the other Southern California speedsoft teams gives us plenty to admire from each one of them (e.g., Molon Labe, SYG, LTD, GSX, ODG). We admire the passion and drive these teams and players have for the sport, their competitive natures and friendly spirits, their push in the sport to introduce airsoft to new players, the list goes on.

Slender-Airsoft-p3“ILLUMINAUGHTY” [CRY$IS TM 5.1 Pistol Build]

Internals –PDI Tightbore, Maple Leaf 75 Degree Bucking, Maple Leaf I Key, WE Nozzle

Externals – Airsoft Masterpiece Triangle Slide, NineBall Strike Front Kit, FiggySmallz Chaos Stipple, SA Fiber Optic Sights, AIP Thumb Rest, AIP Magwell, GunsmithBros Trigger

Slender-Airsoft-p4“MACINTOSH” [CRY$IS M11A1 Build]

Internals – Wii Nozzle & Piston, Maple Leaf Bucking

Externals – G&P Steel Body Kit (Custom Chrome Finish), RMR Dot Sight, HPA Tapped Mags

Slender-Airsoft-p5“SPYDER” [SlenderKen PolarStar M4 Build]

Internals –PolarStar FE V2 Gen 3, Prowin Hop Up, Prometheus Flat Hop Blue Bucking, R-Hop with M Nub, Prometheus Tightbore, Redline Grip Connect, SPEED Straight Trigger

Externals – MadBull Spike’s Tactical Body, G&P MOTS 12.5” Rail, MadBull RAS Fix, AimShot HG-M1 Dot Sight, Magpul UBR Stock, Magpul Pistol Grip, Strike Industries Cobra Angled Foregrip, Asura Dynamics Outer Barrel, Custom Cut Suppressor

AI: Is there a particular style of play that Slender Airsoft favors?

SA: “Speedsoft” and “SpeedQB” in a closequarters environment are the preferred styles of play.

AI: What are some advantages that members of your team have?

SA: Some advantages from the team are: speed, sharpshooting, fearless nature.

AI: I see that you have participated in airsoft 3-gun shoots. What was that like? Is it something you will continue to do?

SA: Slender Airsoft has participated in the 3-Gun Shootouts hosted at Tac City Airsoft and placed second. These events really got our adrenaline running and pushed us to be the best we could be among friendly competition. These types of competitions are something we always look forward to participating in and we always anticipate the next.

AI: How often do you play?

SA: The team plays one to two times a week.

AI: Are you currently looking for more team members? If so what are some of the things that you are looking for in a player to bring them on to the team?

SA: From the start up until now, the team has grown smaller, but stronger. Slender Airsoft is hoping to recruit additional members soon. We are looking for players with a true passion for the sport along with a constant determination to grow and improve.


“SMOKING SURGEON” [SlenderKen TM 5.1 Pistol Build]

Internals –PDI Tightbore, Maple Leaf 75 Degree Bucking, Maple Leaf I Key, Airsoft Surgeon Nozzle

Externals – Airsoft Surgeon Smoking Hole Slide & Chasis, Airsoft Masterpiece Magwell, Airsoft Surgeon Trigger, Airsoft Surgeon Cocking Handle

AI: Thank you for sitting down with us. Good luck, we hope to run into you on the field.

Slender Airsoft