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A next generation tracer unit for the new generation of airsoft Tracer units are pretty much an essential accessory for night games, and the days of having only one option on the market are long over. To keep up with the demands of players, companies need …

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Review: G&G GKM Assault Rifle

It’s no secret that I love AK’s. There’s a picture of Mikhail Kalashnikov looking over my work area, frowning sternly at my shoddy capitalist technical skills. Now, it seems like every time an airsoft manufacturer announces a new AK, it’s some new amalgamation of M4 parts with an AK receiver, so when G&G announced the GKM, I was very happy to see that it would have the timeless AKM design.

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Ballahack Airsoft August 16th action

Another great video from Ballahack Airsoft. This is video footage from a game held on August 16th. Some amazing shots and it seems that the Multirotor or “drone” gives a great perspective to these already amazing videos. Do you have a field like this local to …

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G&G G960 Sniper Rifle

Review: G&G G960 Sniper Rifle

G&G has long been a manufacturer of accessories for the Tanaka-type M700 platform, and they’ve finally decided to manufacture an entire sniper rifle using their own parts. The G960 is the product of that idea, and it is a very nice looking piece of kit! Combining …

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G&G GR14 H.B.A.-Long AEG

Review: G&G GR14 H.B.A.-Long AEG

It seems like everyone these days is making some version of an M4 or AK rifle. Let’s face it; you can’t turn around at an airsoft field without seeing dozens upon dozens of “Plain-Jane” AR-15 rifle variants. So, when I was told I was being sent …

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