Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Airsoft Insider TV: Echo 1/PTS Battlewolf Build

You may remember this pistol from Issue 14, when we built a custom, practical, and very pretty combat pistol using an Echo 1 Timberwolf base gun and filled it with parts from Evike and PTS, including their Battlecomp slide kit. This project is continuing with even more parts on the way from …

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Airsoft Insider TV: Whiskey Two Four Skirt + Belt Adapter

whiskey two four

Lightweight gear is all the rage these days, and one of our favorite manufacturers is Whiskey Two Four. They use high tech materials and manufacturing methods (Lasers!) to build high quality, very lightweight modular gear for the industry. Best of all, everything is made in the …

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Airsoft Insider TV: Airsoft Innovations Burst XL Grenade

Airsoft Innovations has been kicking out grenades for the airsoft industry for much of the last decade, and their latest is the Burst XL: a propane/green gas powered noisemaker. Unlike other noise making grenades such as the ubiquitous Thunder B or several pyro options, the Burst …

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