Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Whiskey-Two-Four-mainLightweight, low profile and mission adaptable

Lightweight chest rigs are becoming a preferred alternative to heavy, cumbersome plate carriers and other gear options on the airsoft field, and many manufacturers are starting to produce better and better options. A small Arizona based company named Whiskey Two-Four has produced a high quality, modular, and shockingly lightweight setup that we’ll be taking a look at today. The kit consists of two main components: the Universal Harness and the laser cut Hypalon panels. This setup allows you to buy one harness, size it up to fit you and how you want to carry your gear, and then get the panels that you want. With this setup, you can adapt your rig to different guns, play styles, or other loadout options without having to buy an entirely new setup.


WHO MAKES IT: Whiskey Two-Four

PRODUCT: Universal harness and chest panels

MOLLE COMPATIBLE: Absolutely. Low profile material doesn’t have separate loops, the loops are actually cut into the material.

MATERIAL/PATTERN: Hypalon, available in several colors

WHO IT’S FOR: Mid-High level player

HOW MUCH: Universal Harness – $45, Panels – $28-$40


I first ran into Whiskey Two-Four and saw his rigs at an Airsplat event, and I’ve been impressed with what I saw since that day. Based in Arizona, they do much of their work with a laser cutter, enabling them to rapidly produce different variants with complex pouch placement. His stitching work is also excellent, and this setup should stand up to the abuse that we airsofters can throw at it.


Great stitch quality keeps this thing from falling apart on you.

The Universal Harness is, well, a harness, made of nylon straps and buckles. It has multiple adjustment points to let it fit pretty much anyone after you spend a little time dialing it in. The shoulder adjustment points feature extended loops with Velcro wrap for communications equipment or hydration hoses. On the lower cross strap, a loop of elastic cord allows the rig to stretch and fit tightly as you move. This is a very clever addition to an otherwise simple harness.


8×3 split panel with 15 degree angled design. The open design helps keep things flexible and breathable.

The panels are where this setup really shines, and today, we’re looking at four separate panels in a variety of configurations. The panels that WTF currently has available range in size from a tiny 6×3 one to the widest 12×3 rectangular unit. In between, you’ll find ones that are split in the middle for easy donning of your gear, ones with the sides angled up a bit, ones where the entire MOLLE compatible area is angled 90 degrees to put together some funky setups, and more. Every time I think they’re done whipping up new panels, another panel randomly lands in my mailbox and becomes my new favorite thing. I like to picture the proprietor of WTF as a mad scientist with a laser cutting machine, just slicing up material as designs pop into his head. The panels are made of a material called Hypalon which is unlike any other material that you’ve seen used on a tactical rig before. It’s a synthetic rubber that is extremely strong and resistant to temperature extremes, damage from UV light and chemicals, and abrasion. One of the most common uses of the material is actually inflatable boats and rafts, so you know that it’s a durable material. The benefit of this material is that it’s very easy for the manufacturer to work with if they have the proper equipment, and it will take a ton of abuse. It’s also available in several colors including 499 Tan, 483 Green, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Black, Gray, and Red, meaning you should be able to easily find a color to match your loadout.

High strength buckles slide onto the different rig panels easily, and stay securely in place.


As I’ve stressed a few times before, this whole setup is extremely lightweight. The panels weigh about an ounce, the harness is under eight ounces. Add some lightweight pouches and you’ll have a rig that is so low profile and weightless that you probably won’t notice that you’re wearing it. The modular nature of the panels mean that you can get one panel set up for M4 mags, one for MP5 mags, one for grenades, and just swap them out while keeping the same harness. That way, you don’t have to continuously weave MOLLE pouches back and forth between different setups depending on what gun you’re running.


More high quality stitching on the panels. Coupled with the clean laser cuts on the Hypalon material, these rigs should last a lifetime.

As mentioned before, lightweight rigs allow you to run faster, play harder, and last longer on the field at the sacrifice of a little bit of real estate compared to larger bulkier rigs. For me and the vast majority of gameplay that I do, a lightweight compact rig holding a few mags does the job just fine. I’m not the fittest guy, and anything that I can do to help lighten my load on the field is welcome. I’ve run a few different WTF panels at games recently and have nothing but praise for them. Once you take the time to dial in your harness adjustment points to fit your body, the Whiskey Two-Four rigs will serve you well for years to come.